IMC Distributes Relief Materials


Relief materials in the form of toiletries have been handed over to IMC by UNILEVER to be distributed to Internally Displaced Persons Camps in the above mentioned states.

In relation to this, a four man committee was constituted to see to the effective and efficient distribution of these items to the states under focus namely PLATEAU, KADUNA, YOBE, BAUCHI and TARABA states.

The committee deliberated on

·        Mode of Distribution

·        Documentation Process

·        Quantity of Goods received

·        IDP Camps in relevant states

·        Custody/Issuance of goods

1. Mode of distribution:

The CMMRC and the State Coordinators (where applicable) should be involved in the distribution. In the states where there is no CMMRC or State Coordinator, IMC should rely on her network of trusted individuals who can take up the responsibility of ensuring that the products reach the final and desired destination.  The Centre should also consider enlisting the services of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)/Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) in the distribution process.

During the handing over there should be an evidence for further proof. This should be in the form of a picture or a video. 

2. Documentation Process:

This involves opening a stock card/book for the goods received and issuances. Delivery note should be filled and signed by the recipient with his phone number (s) at the point of delivery.  Also, a staff is expected to accompany the truck from the point of take off  (Kaduna state) to the final destination.

3. Quantity of Goods Received:

From the Unilever Nigeria Plc Goods/Materials Delivered and the quantities of items in the two trucks received into IMC store are as follows:

1.Camay Soap


2.Camay Soap


3.Camay Lotion (200ml)


4.Camay Lotion (100ml)


5.Omo (250g)

6 cases

6.Omo (30g)

23 Cases

4. IDP Camps

The IDP Camps and their location are as follows

1. JOS with 3 camps at 1. Riyom, Ta-hoss, Rim ( all in Bachit District) 2. Zawan (Jos South) 3. Gwal at Barikin Ladi.

2. KADUNA with 3 camps at 1. Kudendan 2. Hayin Danmani 3. Barakallahu.

3. BAUCHI with 1 camp at Boto-town Tafawa Balewa

4. YOBE, here Phone call was placed to Kyari Mustapha and he promised to provide this.

5. Custody/Issuance of Goods

A staff should be dedicated to be in charge of the custody and issuance of the goods.

Committee Members

Hajiya Ramatu

Hadiza Ismail

Haruna Yakubu

Charles U. Ndukwe