Airing of HR Jingles

As part of the strategies towards actualizing the pilot Human Right (HR) North South exchange program (Imo and Bauchi States), jingles were produced and airingcommenced from Thursday 7 September and scheduled to end on Friday 30th September in Bauchi and Imo states. The content of the jingles addressing issues such as derogatory name calling, exclusive communities and religious intolerance were  based on the data collected from the baseline survey carried out earlier this year.

The radio stations chosen for the two states also reflect the popular radio stations in both states.  The aim is to use the jingles to further help bridge the gap that exists among the two major religious divides and across ethnic lines. Globe FM and Bauchi State Radio stations were chosen for Bauchi State while Orient FM and Hot FM were chosen for Imo.  The stations are been monitored closely from within and outside the media stations to ascertain the strict adherence to airing times and frequency as well as gauging feedbacks from the general public.