CPAN Week 2 Record

On August 8, a CPO reported the arrest of a 35 year old Barber by the Kano state police command for the rape and murder of a 21 year old bride in Karkasara Quarters, located in Kano Municipal Local Government Area of Kano State.

On August 10th 2016, the CPO Committee from ‘No Man’s land’ community in Kano state formed a vigilante group with 4 other communities namely the Igbos, Yorubas, Edo and Ebira in collaboration with men from the Police Command in No man’s land. This was to help secure their community and reduce the rate of crime recorded in their community.

August 11 2016, a CPO reported the continuous attack of community members by armed gunmen who are believed to be herdsmen in Godogodo community. He reported that a farmer was killed while another sustained severe injuries when unknown gunmen attacked them on their farms in Godogodo Chiefdom of Jema’a LGA of Kaduna State. There were also unconfirmed rumors making the rounds in the community that the persistent attack by the gunmen in the village was due to the belief by herdsmen that the community is among the proposed grazing reserves by the Kaduna state government so farmers are been killed in their farm on a daily basis so as to frustrate and evict them from their village.

August 14 2016, a distress call was placed by a CPO from Godogodo village that 6 farmers were killed by unknown armed gunmen in their farm in Godogogo community in Jema’aLocal government of Kaduna state. On the same day, two Numanans were killed by Fulani tribe in the same village for attempting to rob a Fulani resident in the community. The incidence didn’t spark any reprisal attack from the Numanas because the deceased were accused of stealing.