Dialogue Session in Godo-godo

In an effort to bring about lasting peace in Godo-godo community of Jema’a Local Government Area, IMC continued its intervention by bringing the Farmers and the Pastoralists to the dialogue table.  Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) dispatched a team to intervene in the crisis which has capacity for state-wide eruption of ethno-religious violence. The Centre’s resolve to intervene in the crisis was reinforced by the invitation of the Chief of the Godo-godo chiefdom asking IMC to come to their aid, making reference to the Centre’s earlier intervention in Sanga which brought lasting peace to that community. 


The issues and triggers to the conflict were enumerated as follow:

i.          Lack of grazing routes in the community and herders’ encroachment into farmlands of the             locals

ii.         Alleged bias on the part of government security forces (the military and the police)

iii.        Slow response by security agencies to reported threats

iv.        Alleged proliferation of light arms and small weapons  on both sides

v.         Abuse of substance  by the herders and indigenes specifically the youths

vi.        Illegal road blocks by youths who are indigenes of Godogodo community against the        herders

vii.       Desecration of place of worship by indigenes and Fulanis


1.         An inter-religious Dialogue Forum between the two communities

2.         Establishment of a military base in the community as quick response to threats

3.         Neutrality of Law enforcement agencies

4.         Eschew derogatory name calling

5.         Government should resettle IDPs, reconstruct burnt houses and pay compensations

6.         Respect for the fundamental Human Rights of the people especially right to life,    movement, religion and worship etc. as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

7.         A committee to sensitize the people on the values of peaceful co-existence

8.         Government should reopen closed cattle routes

9.         Government must also ensure strict penalty on instigators of violence, encroachers into      farmlands and those in possession of arms

10.       NEMA/SEMA to ensure even distribution of relief materials

A community level rapid response committee comprising of the traditional and religious leaders, youth and women was constituted and charged with the following responsibilities

> Mitigate Conflict

> Acts as CPOs

>  Report any suspected threat to peace for quick intervention

>  Joint vigilante to stop infiltration by suspected criminals etc.

>  Identify threats to peace and resolve them

>  Any other assignments that will help reduce crisis and promote peaceful coexistence

A peace agreement was signed by the respective stakeholders affected by the conflict demonstrating their resolve and commitment to peaceful coexistence in the community.