Innovation Conference on Integration, Germany

The Conference scheduled for 17TH-19th March, commenced on 17th with participants interacting with themselves to build better relationship. On 18th, IMC met with other stakeholders from different organizations such as :

  •  Social Welfare Organizations (Malteser Werke)
  •  Business Organizations (Zalando)
  •  Politics & Administration (Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs)
  •  Civil Society Organizations (switXboard)
  •  International Organizations (Federal Ministry for International Cooperation) and others.

Interfaith Mediation Center also shared area of focus and why the intervention is relevant.  Potential cooperation’s were discovered for further engagements. IMC identified partners that have interest in scaling their work in the camps in Berlin. Some of the interventions highlighted were:

  • Facilitating integration into the labour market.
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship and Talent.
  • Establishing financial security.
  • Educating and qualifying.
  • Promoting language learning.
  • Creating inclusive living space.
  • Protecting and promoting children.
  • Using sport in integration.
  • Using IT in integration.
  • Strengthening the culture of welcoming & enabling inter religious understanding.
  • Ensuring health care.
  • Working together with local authorities.

Other organizations also presented their ideas and formed partners for cooperation.

The last day (19th March), there was Tedx presentations by partners, were IMC also contributed by sharing what they will be doing to promote understanding about the immigrants and how best they can work together collectively to promote and sustain the pressure of the mass movement of immigrant to give them the dignity and maintain a good working relationship between the migrants and the citizens of Germany.  For more info copy and past link below: rdr