Killing of JTF Chairman in Makera

Representatives from IMC were in Makera Kakuri, Kaduna south to have firsthand information about the chairman of the civilian Joint Task Force in Makera, Buhari Ahmadu who was gruesomely murdered by members of a gang in around 2:00 am on 29th August 2016 at the Kaduna Textile Limited premises.

IMC paid a condolence visit to the family of the deceased after which his son, Hamisu Buhari gave a brief of how how his father died.

The district Head of Kakuri was also visited after the condolence visit. Findings from the interaction with the deceased’s son and the district head revealed that: 

·         The members of the gangs who attacked Buhari Ahmadu are not just from Kakuri but other neighboring communities

·         Thedeceased was attacked by about 40 gang members

·         The attack seems to have been planned to eliminate Buhari Ahmadu so as to pave way for the gangs to steal comfortably at the KTL

·         The leader of the Gang known as Dan Na’ala is still at large as at the time of compiling this report

·         There was a reprisal attack on some of the suspected gang members where 8 of them were reported to have been killed by the JTF members in Kakuri as at the time of compiling this report

·         The district head also gave information about another JTF member who was died as a result of an accidental discharge of bullet from a gun.

So far, two houses have been destroyed as a result of this incidence but the community is relatively calm at the time of compiling this report