Managing for Result (MFR) Training in Imo State

The training which held between September 5 to 6, 2016 in Imo state was conducted for 20 participants. The training was on the North-South Dialogue for Human Rights activities, as part of program aimed towards building peaceful coexistence in Bauchi and Imo States respectively. The training was conducted to build the capacity of the participants on how to manage for Result (MFR).

As part of the training the following topics were discussed:  

  • Introduction to MFR

·         Concept of Managing for Result, strategies and implementation

·         Result types, hierarchy and application

·         Baseline, targets and performance indicators

·         Managing performance data

·         Performance management plans (PMP)

Participants were also shared into groups and tasks were given to them to ascertain their level of understanding on the thematic areas that were discussed during the training. At the end of the training, participants attested to having a broader knowledge of Managing for Result to meet target indicators.

After the training, IMC staff visited Amawom and Ope communities of Imo state on September 5 and 6respectively. The purpose of the visit was to determine what activities the communities have carried out on the HR for the North South dialogue program.

The team discovered that:

·         There has been a tremendous improvement on the working relationship especially on the level of tolerance between the northerners residing in the two communities of Imo State. Here, participants advocated that more still need to be done to maintain the relationship.

·         Participants in the two communities informed IMC team of an upcoming event they have organized which will hold after the 2 days inter meeting in Bauchi on September 15, 2016 to further strengthen the relationship within the two States.

During the visit IMC team was entertained with the rich culture of the Igbo people