Reconciliation Meeting between Fulani and Numana Tribe in Godogodo Community

As a result of the ongoing conflict between the Fulani and Numana communities of Godogodo Chiefdom in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, IMC was invited to address a Town Hall meeting on August 27, 2016aimed at reconciling the warring parties.

The Stakeholders who attended  the meeting include:

·         Community members from Ninte, Gada Biyu, Anjo and Akwa representing the Numana tribe

·         Representatives from the Fulani Tribe

·         Nigeria Sustainability and Reconciliation Program NSRP representative from Abuja

·         Representatives from IMC

·         Area commander of Jema’a local government area

·         Religious Leaders

·         The acting chairman of Miyyeti Allah in Jema’a local government area amongst other stakeholders.

 The meeting provided the platform for stakeholders to express their views (from both the Fulanis and Numana perspectives) on the prevailing conflict situation and all came to the conclusion that there is –

 Ø  The need for peace in Godogodo Chiefdom

Ø  The need to use dialogue on chatting a way forward to resolve disputes bedeviling the community

 Recommendations Given by Participants:

·         Government shouldsettleaffected members of the communities

·         The government should  provide security for the people of the community.

·         There should be food security

·         Farmers should be allowed to carry out their farming activities without fear

·         Dialogue should be employed between the Fulani Community and Numana to resolve issues

·         The government should provide more security for the community

·         Communication for Peace Building should be employed in interactions.

·         Aggrieved Pastoralists should report to the appropriate ward heads instead of taking the laws into their hands

·         There should be community participation in rebuilding houses for the affected Fulanis in the community

·         Literacy level should be improved by providing access to education especially for children and the youths

·         A 5 man committee should be set up to follow up on disputes and conflicts between communities

·         IMC advised participants to embrace the teachings of Islam and Christianity