Continuous Early Warning Early Response (EWER) on forthcoming election in the 6 CIPP States. ( Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Kogi, Plateau and Benue States).


Considering the persistent violence mostly perpetuated by some section of community members, which is mostly and actively committed by youth and members of political parties during political activities in Nigeria, but narrowing down in the CIPP focal communities; potentially, rubrics of the intervention will gear towards engaging the youths together through medium of organized outdoor inter-community interaction space for discussion where they will have opportunity to interact with one another since spaces for dialogue are easy means of bringing people together more especially among the youth groups. In the process, we will use that medium to preach and campaign a message on Early Warners on “Non Violence elections” more especially during and after the electioneering activities. And owing to the fact that consultations brings together and creating easy medium for interaction, we intend to organize consultation in the CIPP focal LGAs and communities as an avenue to sensitize them on the effects of youth violence and emphasize to them the potentials they carry if they stay away from violence and work very hard- they will be sensitized on how to be politically tolerant and stay away from violence and respect other people’s view and space for peace. 


To Increase community members with skills to collect and analyze emergent risks of election and community violence;To Strengthen rapid response of local, State stakeholders in order to prevent or mitigate electoral and community related violence.To promote networking and collaboration among community members in relation to the CMMRC and CPOs existing in communities to help curb the menace of violent conflict in communities.To establish and refine over time a simple yet effective mechanism for monitoring and analysis of potential risk factors engendering ethnic tensions in the CIPP communities.