Our Mission

Our mission is to create a peaceful society through non-violence and strategic engagement in Nigeria and beyond. What drives us forward is a strong commitment to our core values, which are:-

  • Interfaith approach to issue
  • Ensuring peaceful coexistence irrespective of religious persuasion
  • Respect for the faith of others

IMC was established to address contemporary issues around religious and ethnic motivated conflicts that negatively affect co-existence, development and good governance. IMC uses a faith-based approach for interventions and its activities have become an integral component of Nigerian civil society.  

IMC is now a significant player in the field of human rights and conflict resolution; in the area of religion; social development and good governance at the community, state, national and international levels.  We have carried out over 200 interventions successfully locally, nationally and internationally, as well as ongoing projects in Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya and Chad.