Our Work


The elite nature of our society demands that key decision makers must be engaged to maintain or restore peaceful coexistence. In view of this, we carry out advocacy visits to religious leaders, traditional leaders, politicians and other influential leaders regularly in locations where we intervene to share our goals, objectives, and activities.  We solicit their collaboration and support in order to ensure successful program implementation in the respective area.

Capacity Building of Faith Based Organizations

One of the strategies of IMC is capacity building and mentoring faith based organizations.  We train faith based organizations across the country and give them capacity to mediate in conflict situations using the unique interfaith model. The organizations are given capacity on Early Warning, Early Response Mechanism, Mediation and Dialogue skills and best practices in corporate governance. 

Direct Mediation and Crisis Response

Mediation becomes necessary when mutual suspicion and lack of trust exists and is a form of third-party intervention into disputes, directed at assisting disputants to find a mutually acceptable settlement. We engage feuding parties in intra and inter mediation sessions during which conflict situations are analysed by identifying triggers, sustaining factors and the stakeholders.  IMC works through the parties to establish credibility through reputation, experience, and concern, as well as building relationships of trust with key people on both sides including excluded and marginalized groups. IMC allays fears and restores hope across the divide.

Interfaith Media Dialogue

The electronic media remains a potent tool in peace building owing to its wide reach and appeal to all classes of people.  We run television and radio programs, where prevailing issues that threaten peaceful coexistence are exhaustively discussed with scriptural texts from the two dominant religions to buttress our position.  Once in a while, notable cross-religious faith leaders are invited to contribute to the media dialogue and add their voices to the topic in question.  We encourage an interactive space and open communication with the general public through phone-ins that provide an opportunity to contribute to the topic of the day. 

Strengthening Early Warning and Early Response System

The Community Peace Action Network (CPAN), an IMC variant of the Early Warning and Early Response (EWER) mechanism, is a community-based early warning and early response system that systematically collects, analyses and disseminates conflict and peace information coming from areas of crises for the purpose of preventing or reducing escalation of anticipated violent conflict; developing strategic responses and presenting options to critical actors for the purposes of decision-making.