Past Projects

North-East Regional Initiative (NERI) Project

In recent years, Yobe state in northeastern Nigeria has witnessed ethno-religious conflict, attacks by the militant group Boko Haram, and a resulting influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs), all contributing to a deterioration of the state’s stability and increased vulnerability to outbreaks of violence.

IMC has been working for many years to address these issues and promote co-existence in several states in Nigeria. We conduct training, advocacy, and media activities with the goal to prevent and mitigate conflict, and have experience of building networks for peace through the model of establishing Conflict Mitigation and Management Regional Councils (CMMRCs). 

With the establishment of these CMMRCs and Early Warning Early Response (EWER) mechanisms in Yobe, we initiated radio and television interfaith dialogues, and conducted trainings on violence prevention and trauma counseling for community leaders, youth, and women.  The NERI project will support IMC to increase the capacity of community members and leaders in Yobe to prevent and resolve conflict.

Major activities carried out between 2002-2014


  • Workshop on non-violent election for women and youth leaders of political parties in Kaduna
  • Workshop on coexistence in 40 higher institutions of learning, Abuja
  • Workshop on good governance for 6 local governments in Kaduna state
  • Capacity building workshop on promoting the culture of peace and acceptance for senior religious leaders in northern senatorial zone, Kaduna state
  • High level workshop for national women religious leaders on conflict prevention, Abuja
  • Capacity building workshop on providing the culture of peace and acceptance for senior religious leaders in Kaduna state
  • Capacity building on mediation and peace building for religious leaders in Niger Delta held in Yenagoa Bayelsa state. 
  • Capacity building on participatory budget monitoring for stakeholders in Kaduna north, Kaduna south, Chikun and Igabi local government areas of Kaduna state.
  • Capacity building on peace building and peaceful coexistence for Kaduna Peace Committee.
  • Participatory meeting on mediation and public education on sharia law for selected northern leaders in Kano.
  • Consultative meeting on building a coalition of local NGOs to maintain cordial relationship between elected parliamentarians and civil society organizations, Abuja
  • Capacity building on conflict prevention for paramilitary groups of the three geo political zones in Nigeria, Abuja
  • Capacity building on counseling and conflict transformation, Queen Amina College, Kaduna.
  • Faith based media advocacy and planning workshop for religious leaders in Kaduna and Kano states.
  • Intra and interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution workshop for religious youth leaders of north western Nigeria, Kaduna
  • Capacity building on formation of peace constituency for selected local government areas of Kaduna state.
  • National inter-faith dialogue and conflict resolution workshop for youth religious leaders in Nigeria, Abuja
  • Faith based conflict transformation and peace building workshops for student union leaders of tertiary institutions in Plateau state.
  • Youth self-development program for former youth militia, Jos Plateau state
  • Capacity building on conflict prevention and joint problem solving for Hisbah groups and Christian vigilante groups, Kaduna state
  • The development of training manuals on faith based participatory approach to decision making and good governance.


  • Training of religious, traditional, women and youth leaders in Bauchi state on early warning, early response mechanism
  • Training on trauma counselling for women in Kaduna
  • Training on constructive journalism in Kaduna
  • Training on participatory governance in Chikun Local Government, Kaduna
  • Training of Kaduna youth on early warning, early response mechanism
  • Training of election observers in Bauchi and Jos for 2011 elections
  • Training of youths on early warning and early response mechanism, Jos Plateau state
  • Training of Nigeria Inter-religious Council (NIREC) officers on religious and tribal conflict management in Adamawa state
  • Training on electoral capacity, civic and voter education and observation in collaboration with Institute for Democracy in Africa (IDASA), Kaduna
  • Training of political party youth leaders on conflict prevention in collaboration with International Republican Institute (IRI), Kano
  • Training of religious youth leaders across Nigeria on electoral violence prevention
  • Training of political party youth leaders in collaboration with national democratic institute on electoral conflict prevention
  • Training of religious leaders as elections monitors and observers
  • Training of religious/political leaders on peaceful coexistence in preparation for referendum, Juba, south Sudan


  • Strategic engagement of various stakeholders in Plateau state which led to an alternative peace road map, ‘Peace Affirmation’.
  • Religious leader’s peace summit, Abuja.
  • High level consultation of Muslim Christian dialogue, Abuja.
  • Mediation process in southern and northern senatorial zones of Plateau state
  • Case study on faith-based intervention in Niger Delta crisis.
  • INEC interfaith voters education for senior religious leaders in Nigeria.
  • Yelwan Shendam peace affirmation of religious leaders in Plateau state
  • High level consultation for Christian-Muslim relations in Kenya.
  • Sudanese Christian-Muslim consultation held in Uganda.
  • Sierra Leone:
    • Clean election campaign
    • Media interview with Sierra Leone  broadcasting station
    • Meeting with ruling political party
    • Screening of the documentary film ‘The Imam and the Pastor’ to the interfaith community